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How to Help a Senior Stop Crying

Companion care at home provides seniors with support, companionship, and stress relief, helping them manage daily routines, reduce emotional distress, and confidently age in place.
Companion care at home can help seniors when they are sad and crying.
Companion care at home can help seniors when they are sad and crying.

It can be unbearable to watch your senior mom or dad cry, but it is also important to allow them to openly feel when life gets hard. Seniors should never need to hold back their feelings, and they should always be able to express themselves. Sometimes, that means they need a good cry. Shedding tears and releasing those emotions can actually help someone feel good later on.

However, if a senior is crying often, they may want to find tips on how to calm down during those emotional moments. 


Find Companion Care at Home

There can be a lot of stress when it comes to aging in place, and if a senior is too stressed out, it can cause a lot of tears. Companion care at home services can help seniors age in place by managing their routine, providing companionship, and even some transportation. This can help your senior feel more confident when aging in place but also limit the amount they cry from stressors around the house.

Companion care at home caregivers can also be an ear for when a senior is sad and needs to shed tears and talk through emotional situations.


Focus on Deep Breaths

There are so many people in the world who hype up deep breathing exercises, and that is because they work to help calm you down; this is true for seniors. When the tears can’t seem to stop, companion care at home professionals can help walk a senior through deep breathing exercises. This technique may help a senior feel more in tune with their physical body and allow them to slow their heart rate and regain control.


Find a Distraction

When a senior can’t seem to stay away from the sadness and keep crying, it may be because they are too focused on whatever is making them sad. Companion care at home can help find ways to distract a senior. They can start a project, read, or focus on something around the house. This does not always work, but sometimes it is exactly what a senior needs to do in order to see they are okay and things will work out.


Keep Yourself Grounded

A senior needs to find ways to feel grounded in their body. For some people, this means mindfulness, where they focus on their body and feelings for a few minutes. For others, it means walking barefoot in the soil, and for some, it means feeling each part of their body individually.

Finding ways to feel connected to your physical body is the best way to feel anchored and grounded, which can help stop tears from flowing. A senior may be too much in their head, which can cause more panic than they need.


Seek Outside Support

If stress builds up and a senior needs more support than companion care at home services, they may need to seek out family members, friends, or even therapists for help. Every human needs support, and this is true for seniors, too. They may need to talk about what is going on, or they may need to learn new coping techniques from therapists.



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