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5 Things That Will Help Your Senior Parent Manage Diabetes At Home

In-home care provides essential support and education for senior parents managing diabetes, helping them make necessary lifestyle changes and stabilize blood sugar levels.
In-home care helps aging seniors manage their diabetes.
In-home care helps aging seniors manage their diabetes.

After your senior parent is diagnosed with diabetes, there is a learning curve as they figure out how to manage their condition. For many seniors, the lifestyle changes that are necessary to manage diabetes are hard to make.

In-home care can help. In-home care gives your mom or dad the one-on-one support and encouragement they need to make the changes necessary to stabilize their blood sugar and get their diabetes under control.

With help from an in-home care provider your senior parent can also learn more about diabetes, learn how food affects their blood sugar, and learn more about how their lifestyle impacts their condition.

In addition to having in-home care, these things can also help your senior mom or dad learn to manage their diabetes at home:


Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

Learning how to test blood sugar can be difficult for seniors, but just after they receive a diagnosis, they need to practice testing so they can track their blood sugar levels. Regular testing will help them learn how to stabilize their blood sugar.

They should also start to recognize the symptoms of low and high blood sugar as they test. Knowing those symptoms will help them act fast if their sugar goes too high or too low.


Healthy Eating

Seniors who have diabetes need to focus on their diet. Eating foods like lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats is critically important. Seniors with diabetes need to avoid foods high in sugar and refined carbs.

They also need to watch their carbs and start carbohydrate counting. In-home care providers can help seniors learn more about low-carb eating. And they can help your mom or dad try new low-carb foods that they might enjoy eating.


Take Medications as Prescribed

If your senior parent is put on medication by their doctor, they must take it exactly as prescribed. An in-home care provider can help your senior parent learn how to take their medication and remind them when they need to take it. That way, you won’t have to worry about your mom or dad mixing up their medication dose or not taking it at all.


Stay Hydrated

Encourage your senior parent to drink more water throughout the day and stop drinking sugary sodas or teas. Plain tea is usually okay, but sugary or sweet tea is not.


Regular Medical Check-Ups And Med Spa Appointments

Your senior parent needs to start taking preventative action to manage their diabetes. That means getting regular checkups from their primary doctor or a diabetes specialist. It means getting their vision and eyes checked often to make sure their eyes are healthy.

Foot care is also important. Seniors should make regular appointments at a medical spa for medical massages and pedicures. Getting preventative care done now can prevent serious complications from diabetes, including blindness or foot amputation, in the future.

If your senior parent no longer drives and can’t easily get to their appointments, an in-home care provider can drive them to any medical appointments they have.



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