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Personal Care Services

Optimum Choice Care, LLC is a home care agency servicing Philadelphia County, Bucks County, and Montgomery County in PA. At Optimum Choice Care, LLC, our mission is to provide quality care to adults and seniors within our community without losing their independence and at the same time maintaining their dignity within the comfort of their homes. Kindness, an open heart, professional care with trust, and a desire to help others are what set us apart from other agencies.

Most seniors want to keep living at home, where beautiful memories were made over the years. But as getting around gets harder or health declines, many need help with daily care. Optimum Choice Care provides trained caregivers to seniors in Philadelphia. We help them stay comfy, keep their dignity, and live how they want at home.

Our caring team lends a hand with many personal services matched to what each senior needs. More than just doing chores, our caregivers provide company and emotional support too.

Personal Care Services include:

  • Getting in and out of bed/chair
  • Help with bathroom and incontinence needs
  • Bathing or Showering
  • Getting Dressed
  • Personal hygiene
  • Eating meals
  • Walking and Using Stairs
  • Safety and handling emergencies

Bathing & Grooming: We help with showers, shaving, brushing teeth, styling hair, nail care, skin care, bathroom needs. Privacy and gentle help is so important.   

Dressing: For many seniors, getting fully dressed without any help is too hard. Reasons might be joint pain, trouble bending and reaching, or conditions like arthritis. Our home care aides can provide helpful assistance with socks, buttons, and more.

Mobility Support: We offer a steady arm when walking, wheelchair pushes, safe moves from bed to chair, and home improvements like grab bars. Preventing falls and injury is the goal.  

At Optimum Choice Care, we handle personal tasks with great patience and care. Safety comes first too. We aim to let seniors dress themselves as independently as possible. But where extra help is needed, we lend close support. This preserves dignity while providing important physical and emotional care.

At Optimum Choice Care we recognize the healing power of home. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional care right where it’s needed most – in the comfort of your own home.

Our mission is to provide quality care to adults and seniors within our community without losing their independence and at the same time maintaining their dignity within the comfort of their homes.

Exceptional Personal Care Services in Philadelphia, Radnor, Bryn Mawr, Media, Exton, West Chester, King of Prussia, Wayne, Malvern, Narberth, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County.

Personal Care Services | Philadelphia | Optimum Choice Home Care

How to Choose the Right Personal Home Care Agency

Many families must decide whether to use home care services and which agency is best. With so many choices, it can feel overwhelming. You want an agency like us that is trustworthy, high-quality, and fits your needs.

Ask Around for Recommendations 

Personal recommendations from people you trust are so valuable. Talk to friends, family, doctors, or local senior advisors about agencies they liked. Positive word-of-mouth is reassuring as you narrow options.  

Research Multiple Agencies Thoroughly

Check out a few agencies’ websites and online reviews first. Look for years in business, services offered, caregiver screening and training, and policies on communication, backups, quality assurance. Note what matters most for your situation.  

Interview Agency Representatives 

Schedule calls and in-person meetings with agency reps. See how responsive and friendly they are right away. Ask about credentials, procedures, rates, and more. Listen not just for answers but willingness to address all concerns openly.   

Start Small and Request Feedback Often  

Ease into home care slowly at first, increasing later if needed. Check in frequently to monitor things and ask the senior for feedback. Clear communication about changing needs is so important for a good experience.  

At Optimum Choice Care, we pride ourselves on transparent communication with seniors and families. We discuss evolving needs to ensure excellent, personalized support. Contact us today to learn more about our care services for Philadelphia area seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Care Services

Common options include help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, mobility and meals. Other instrumental help such as medication reminders, rides, shopping, company, light housework may also be given. Range of services depends on the provider.

At Optimum Choice Care, services are given by professional, trained caregivers who have had background checks.

These services allow seniors to stay at home safely and comfortably. They get help with difficult daily care tasks, improving quality of life and reducing injury risk. Companionship wards off loneliness too.
Payment options include private pay, long-term care insurance benefits, or veteran’s assistance programs. Many families choose private pay for flexibility and care continuity.
It’s best to introduce care early on, after struggling with self-care tasks consistently and health/safety starts declining. Starting care while still active allows better adjustment and longer independence.
Key questions cover credentials, training, care plan development, communication methods, billing details, backup caregivers for absences, and policies for getting patient feedback and addressing concerns.
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