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Home Care Can Help Your Mom Live Alone

Home care services enable seniors to live comfortably and safely at home by providing daily support and preventing loneliness, offering peace of mind to distant family members.
Home care provides a safe way for seniors to age in place.
Home care provides a safe way for seniors to age in place.

If your mom recently lost her spouse and wants to continue living in her home, you’re probably worried about her living alone. But she can live quite comfortably at home without being lonely if she has home care assistance.

Home care services help seniors stay in their homes as they get older. A home care provider can help your mom with lots of daily tasks to help prevent her from falling and make sure she is getting everything she needs to be healthy at home.

If you can’t move in with your mom to help her, or you live far away and it’s not possible to visit more than you already do, home care providers will give you peace of mind and also give your mom the extra support she needs to live where she wants to live.

Some of the ways that home care can help your mom are:


Emergency Support And Backup

If your mom does become ill, has a fall, or has any other kind of medical or health emergency a home care provider can take her to the emergency room immediately, take her to urgent care, or summon emergency medical help. When you can’t be with your mom to keep her safe, a home care provider can be.


Routine Safety Checks

A care provider who is assisting your mom at home will routinely reassess the home and your mom’s ability to move around safely. The care provider can move furniture so that it’s easier for your mom to get around. They can also pick up clutter, rearrange cords and lamps, make sure rugs are secured or get rid of them, and make sure that the house is as safe as possible for your mom.


Medication Reminders

Home care services include medication reminders so that your mom will never miss a dose of the medications she is supposed to take. A care provider will also make sure she is taking the correct prescribed dose, which can prevent overdoses and serious side effects.


Meal Preparation

With home care providers, you can be sure that your mom is eating healthy, delicious meals and getting the nutrition that she needs. A home care provider can cook meals, prepare snacks, and keep the fridge and cupboard stocked so your mom will always have healthy, nutritious food.


Housekeeping and Maintenance

Light housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and organizing are also part of home care services. Your mom will always have clean clothes, linens, and towels. And a care provider will make sure the house is clean, dusted, vacuumed, and safe for your mom.


Mobility Assistance

Your mom can avoid falls because there will be a home care provider helping her move safely around the house, including assistance with walking, transferring from bed to chair, and using mobility aids like walkers or wheelchairs.


Transportation and Errands

If your mom has home care assistance, she will have transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands, ensuring she will have a safe ride wherever she needs to go. A care provider can also go with her to appointments so she is more comfortable and feels secure.



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